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Make Room for Memoir

Learn how to create the time, physical space, and emotional fortitude needed to successfully complete a large creative project. Choosing from an assortment of strategies and tools that fit your particular quirks, you will develop a fun and sustainable writing practice. 

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Guided Autobiography

An introduction to writing short memoir pieces, based on the Guided Autobiography approach developed by James Birren at UCLA. You’ll compile a collection of stories and gain insight into what aspects of your story intrigue readers. 

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Dig Deep:

Mine Your Life for Juicy Memoir Topics

Explore what makes a compelling story and discover those stories in your own life. You will compile several short memoir pieces, as well as a list of juicy topics to draw upon as you continue your writing journey.

Sue, I can’t thank you enough. This is exactly the kind of learning I was after. The string of pearls analogy I’ve not heard before, and I see how a good story can be formed that way now. I think this could be the best help I receive in the writing and publishing of the book.

Helen Lloyd

Author, Desert Snow

How great it’s been to tap into your gift for GAB [Guided Autobiography]. The tips and examples you share help memoir writers to mine their memories for details that make their writing sing. Thank you, Sue, for all your help.

Ann Estill

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