Hi! I’m Sue Mitchell.

I’m here to be your Memoir Muse.

That means I will inspire you to finally write your memoir or autobiography. I teach methods that make memoir writing feel manageable. I’ll give you the tools, support and confidence you need to succeed.

10 Things to Know About Sue

1.  I’m an Aries who grew up in the New Jersey suburbs, but I took off for the western wilderness as soon as I could and never went back…except for my summers on the lake in New Hampshire every single year, without fail.

2.  I taught 28 years in the public schools. Most of that time I was a gifted education specialist — I somehow weaseled my way into a teaching gig where I designed my own curriculum and guided students through creative projects.

3.  A turning point in my life was training with Jill Badonsky to become a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach in 2010. See #4.

4.  I’ve spent 85% of my life avoiding, resisting, self-sabotaging, and procrastinating and the other 15% learning how to overcome these and helping others do the same.

5.  I wrote my first book in fifth grade, a spooky novella called The Return of Rena Tutler. Nowadays, I write short memoir pieces and articles on the creative process. My writing credits also include co-authoring the book Take Your Wings and Fly, the inspiring life story of Denise Horn. To me, having my hands on a pen or keyboard is a requirement for thinking.

6.  I’ve made independence and introversion an art form. I totally get the appeal of trying to do everything on your own and being all lone-eagley. I’ve also learned what a difference a trusted helpmate can make. Because of this, I’m a great fit for clients who are looking for a balance of self-study and support.

7.  I am in love with the memoir writing process. Even if no one but you ever reads your story, I believe the process of writing it will benefit you in countless ways.

8.  I know you have a story worth telling. It’s my strong belief that you have a right to share your experience and perspective and be heard. I love how people light up when they get to share their story. One of my favorite aspects of working with memoir writers is helping them realize the larger significance to their story and see themselves as the hero of their own lives.

9.  I am a nature girl, having spent more nights sleeping under the stars than I can count, lived on the road for 9 months, and explored slot canyons, mountains, beaches and rivers all over North America. I place a high value on naturalness as a general way of being in the world. Not into pretense or fakery. WYSIWYG.

10.  I am a sap. I love traveling down Memory Lane, looking through old photos and letters, reconnecting with old friends, and listening to oldies music. At the same time, I’ve been an early adopter of technological advances and believe in social progress. I’m not someone who says, “Well, when I was a kid, we rode three to a bike with no helmet while eating DDT-laced food, but we respected our elders and turned out okay!” as a way of insinuating that things today are all messed up. Times change. I’m cool with that. But I do love reminiscing.



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