You’ve been wanting to work on your memoir, but you haven’t gotten very far.

Obstacles like self-doubt, procrastination, overwhelm or lack of time have slowed you down or even stopped you in your tracks.

Don’t let your story remain untold! Creativity coaching can free you to finally tell your story.

I work with memoir writers (and would-be memoir writers!) to overcome creative blocks and other practical obstacles to a consistent and productive memoir writing practice. Using tools and strategies from the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching model, we’ll work together so you can: 

  • Develop a regular writing practice.
  • Stop the doubting and write with confidence and ease.
  • Resist the urge to put it off or quit and experience the satisfaction of creative flow.
  • Finally tell your untold story!
Working with Sue has truly been a life-changing experience for me! Previously I had quite the default negative mindset, trying to motivate myself by ‘forcing’ creative productivity with little success or joy, like most writers who are hard on themselves, swimming in constant creative chaos and getting nowhere fast.

Sue doesn’t offer gung-ho or popular platitudes, but instead listens and observes quite deeply, and has an innate sense of asking the right kind of questions her clients really need to hear while at the same time offering concrete, practical suggestions to try.

Carole Jane Treggett

Writer, Quilter, Photographer

For helping me toss my cap over the wall – and be able to tell the world my book was coming – I thank Sue Mitchell. She helped me climb above the tree line during that period when only your desire is left to lead you to the final word. Highly recommended.

Ron Seybold

Author, Viral Times

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